“Say best to the best”

We have started our journey by holding this belief in us. Our commitment is very stringent towards our belief.


Our Mission

Traveling Checklist has the mission to encourage people in outdoor activities and suggest the appropriate use of their investment.

We inspire outdoor activist by posting informative, advanced and latest articles. We also want to represent our worldwide traveling experience to our audience.


Our Vision

Our vision is to reach every door of the world with our creative, thoughtful, expertise and practical knowledge and experience to encourage people’s engagement in outdoor activities.

We emphasize on the budget-friendly and highest comfort to the travelers. We believe and inspire the leave no trace methodologies to maintain environmental equity.

We want to make conscious people through our words about the importance of protecting wildlife and nature.


Our Story

Travellingchecklist.com is a blog which details about the essential elements to enjoy the outdoor activities. Adventure and nature lovers get useful and true knowledge about the products suitable for hiking, camping, traveling, and trekking, etc.

From the method of selection to proper care of the elements, we provide each individual information in the same platform. We also discuss the quick access and lifesaving information in the outdoor activities.


Who We Are?

We are a group of outdoor activists comes from the various part of the world. We have studied in various disciplines like Botany, Forestry, Environmental Science, Physics, Engineering, Designing, etc. We are expert in various events like hiking, camping, footwear caring, trekking, etc.

One common thinking to encourage people about the world traveling, bring us in this platform even after a lot of differences.


How we actually work?

In travellingchecklist.com, we follow a simple fundamental sequence to ensure the best available information to our audience.

We invest our time in gathering information, testing products, interview users, analyze the data. We finalize our decision based on the judgment of real value.

Our audience is always demanding and wants accurate information from us. From the very beginning, travellingchecklist.com has tried to maintain accuracy in providing the truthful information to them. Therefore, our audience believes us.

Our audience knows that we value their time and try to build value in each sentence we write. We always give a simple example of our working style in front of everyone.

You will find some websites speaking about the best lightweight hiking backpack. The website’s editors read few articles or product description and rewrite accordingly. You may find many of product out of stock which is displaying on their websites.


But, we are different from others.

We spend at least a hundred hours in completing our research before writing a review which is necessary for you. Our experts check and read the available information. They survey the user experience about the claims. Then they test the accuracy of the information and factual scenario.

After completing all the event, they submit the write up to our editorial section. Our dedicated editors check the information and availability of the products. Sometimes they re-send the items to the tester for re-checking if they find any anomalies in the available information.

We emphasize on quality but don’t forget the budget of the product while recommending. Our team is always busy to bring the best and latest products available on the market.

Finally, the articles have posted in the travellingchecklist.com.

However, it is not the end of our working. We re-evaluate the products after each quarter and update the articles. Often we delete out of stock product from our list and introduce new items.

However, if there is any severe event regarding any of our listed product, we update the information to inform our audience.



Why people believe us?

After launching the travellingchecklist.com, we have evaluated hundreds of outdoor gears from various sections. We are logical in suggesting a product. We ensure the accuracy of our recommendation. Our selection is not biased. We don’t tell anyone best if the product doesn’t satisfy us.

The dedicated editors from expert panel work as QA to ensure the best value of our words. Our team prepares various charts of comparison which represents features, usages, cost, brand image, and cost, etc. of the similar products from different model or manufacturers. We also consider the verified reviews and special offers.

Our editors are expert in editing the contents for years. Our editors have working experience in many renowned new portals like ABC News, WSJ, LA Times, CNN, Yahoo New, etc.

We perform a vigorous checking and confirm the correctness before posting the content on our blog. We follow a sequential procedure to approve the post.

The procedure includes evidence accuracy checking, editing, proofreading, image creation, content designing, etc. We ensure the quality of each of the steps to ensure the best quality to our audience.

We know the hurdles for picking the best product within budget if you have little or no knowledge about the product. Therefore, we present each product feature thoroughly with its usefulness. We also place the product review after providing a handsome knowledge about the product selection methodologies.

We don’t accept donations from any product manufacturer. So, there is no confusion about promoting anyone’s low-grade product.

Our website contains affiliation program from e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. If you click to the links, you will be redirected to the retailer’s site. Your purchase after going from our affiliation enables us to get a small portion. But, the affiliation doesn’t influence our recommendation.

We follow our own process. No one can influence us to take the correct decision. Our logical judgment ensures our confirmation about the product.

If there is any significant change, we update the content in each quarter of the year. However, for notable change, we step ahead immediately.


For instance, if the tent steak ingredients have amended from iron to Stainless Steel, we will update it after three months. However, if the lifetime warranty has an amendment from lifetime to limited, we will update it immediately.

Other than affiliation, we don’t have any income source from the travellingcheklist.com. We have never accepted any speed money from the manufacturer or ad agencies which may impact our selection.

Instead of dragging ourselves in dishonesty, we secure us by following say best to the best policy.

As we are transparent in our words, people have immense faith on us.


Connect With Us

Your query always provides us an opportunity to improve ourselves. Therefore, we welcome your query. You can ask anything by just putting your question in our contact us section.
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