Backpacking for Beginners- A complete guide to start

Are you a maiden backpacker and planning for the beginner backpacking trip? Do you have some day-hiking or car-camping experience earlier?

You must have some basic backpacking knowledge about the backpacking for beginners. You can get life-saving tips before leaving the warmth of your bed.

Backpacking is an adventurous way to explore and uncover the secret of nature.It is the combination of hiking, trailing and camping in the backcountry.

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These exciting backcountry campaigns range from just one-night trip to multi-day trips even for a month.

That’s why you should carry the necessary stuff and backpacking gears to ensure your safety in the wood.

Camping in the wilderness is always exciting but not easy all the time. You must prepare yourself and your trip plan carefully to avoid common backpacking blunders.

Pull your socks up and get ready for your first backpacking trip.

As this is your first experience, you need to take some extra care. You can follow the following steps carefully:

  1. Select an easy and safe destination: Plan for a short backpacking destination that is close to your home and has not many challenges to face.
  2. Pack essential gear and clothing: Keep your bag light and carry only the most necessary staffs with you.
  3. Select your rich protein meal: You must carry dry and packed food. The food must be simplistic in the making.
  4. Take extra care on safety gears:To get back home safely, you need to pay extra attention to selecting safety gears for a wilderness emergency.
  5. Backpacking Ethics: As a responsible backpacker, you must obey “The Leave No Trace” core principles.
  6. Get ready for your trip: Check the Must Having Backpacking Checklist and skip your party day before your departure.


Place and Condition to choose for new hikers:

Ask an expert: You’ll find many clubs around who suggest suitable hiking. You can also get great advice from many blogs specialized for helping you to choose the place and the item to carry in the backpacking for beginners.

Often experts recommend an uncomplicated destination for the beginners.


Close to home: It’s nice to select a place close to home. It ensures the full enjoyment of hiking rather spending much time on the car. You can start quickly and use daylight rather using an artificial light source.


Moreover, select short hiking as a newbie, because you might not be comfortable carrying a heavy backpack. You may also have some issues in cub muscle for walking a long distance with the heavyweight.


Popular tracking place: It’s an excellent idea to choose the common but easy tracking place in the beginning. The hikers are very kind.


You will get many hikers besides you on hiking in a popular place. If you’re in a trouble during the hiking, you may get help from other hikers.


Plan just for an overnight trip: Only a day hiking can give you a total fun. As a beginner, if you want to hike again, you must plan for an overnight trip. It will make your journey more exciting and adventurous.


Consider the Weather: It’s important to avoid extreme weather for hiking as a beginner. If it’s too warm, it will be difficult to carry the backpacking for beginners. But, you can’t move a single step in the temperature near freezing.


It’s wonderful to choose the cool summer for hiking as a newbie.


Hike near water source: You should select a place near a lake or river. It will allow you to track the road and proper hydration. However, the sources often dry up in spring. Therefore, check the water availability once again before start hiking.


Beginner backpacking tips what to pack:

If it’s your first backpacking travel as a camper or hiker, you must carry many of the necessary things.


Tent: Backpacking tents can be a great support in your night stay outside the home. If it’s your maiden trip, you must not carry a tent larger than two people. As four season tents contain lot weight, carry a three-season tent.


 Backpack: As a beginner, you may have to carry a lot more gears. Therefore, you can’t afford much weight for the hiking backpack. The lightweight hiking backpack with chest strap can be useful for you.


✪ Sleeping Bag: Backpacking sleeping bag can be a great choice to ensure a proper night sleep after a hectic day.


✪ Camping stove: It great to take a single burner stove in your backpack. This stove has less than one-pound weight, which is easy to carry but effective for use.


✪ Water Treatment: If you want to hike for more than a day, you must carry a water purification system. It will help you to drink pure water from any available water source.


✪ Kitchen Staffs: If you can’t live without cooked food and hiking in a group, you should carry a few kitchen staffs like a plate, cups, pan, sponge, washing liquid, etc.


✪ Camping Clothes: Selecting the camping clothes is vital for the beginners. You should take long underwear, t-shirt, jeans or nylon pants, sunglass, hat, hiking shoes, waterproof insulator jacket, etc.


We know most of the hot day ends up with a cool night.


Food you need in the backpacking trip:

If you’re hiking for a day or two, you should carry handy foods. You can take instant noodles or rice bowl to take a meal immediately. Try to take a little sip of liquid in the regular interval that ensures proper hydration.

However, if you’re starting in cold weather, you must carry the food which is suitable for eating without stopping.

You should carry the small energy bars (like candy, nutbar, chocolate, etc.) in a large quantity. It will ensure a proper energy supply within a short time.

The backpacking tips you need to know:

✔ Discard the waste appropriately✘ Don’t bring anything with if it’s not yours
✔ Ensure proper fire safety for campfire✘ Don’t be irritating to other hikers
✔ Check the regulation of the hiking area
✔ Put the camp at least 100 feet above from the sea level

Leave No Trace Principles –It’s a non-profit organization which recommends the do’s and don’ts for the hikers. 


As a beginner, you might forget to carry many essential elements which are useful in hiking or camping. Therefore, it’s necessary to create a backpacking checklist for you which can be a rescue in an emergency of hiking.

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