best First Aid Kit for Camping: The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2019

Accidents come in sudden. No one can predict it. Whether you’re traveling or camping, you can’t avoid the possibility of a mishap. Therefore, you must prepare yourself with the best first aid kit for camping.

For many of us, having the best first aid kit in the house or workplace is a big deal. But, it’s not a troublesome task and can be useful in an emergency. Carrying the first aid kit in camping, hiking or trekking is a far-fetched idea.

You might go for a family camping or touring in the wood or backcountry. You may enjoy the time in your firm house with animal or cultivation. Whatever the reason is, the best first aid kit for backpacking can be the rock-solid wall between the happy life and disability.

A first aid kit contains all the necessary items that have a use in the medical emergencies.You can find a variety of elements in various first aid boxes, where few are advanced and few basic. Based on your tour area, you can select any type.

A quick training on using the first aid kit is good to save you in misery. However, you’ve to think first about your need. Do you need a premade or want to customize? Both the options are available for outdoor first aid kit.

Before going in each outing, you must create and follow a document named the camping first aid kit checklist. The checklist is essential to evaluate the status of the first aid box. You may find the quantity is not sufficient or the date may expire soon.


Customizing the best first aid kit for camping is the expert’s task. The selection of the tools demands knowledge. Therefore, you’ve researched a lot to find the correct product that suits your budget.


Our experts have spent around two weeks to make the ultimate guide to help you understand the need of best first aid kit for survival. We’ve also prepared the top five best first aid kit for camping.

Our selection process is independent of the manufacturer or any sponsor. We emphasize the elements, quantity, features, carry ability and people opinion about the products.

Quick Overview of the Top Five Best First Aid Kit for Camping

ProductsSizeWeightItemEditors Rating (Out of 5)Price on Amazon
Compacted Emergency Bonus Mini with First Aid Kit from Swiss Safe9 × 3 × 6 inch1.1Pound1524.8

Check Price

Small Quick Responder from Lightning X Product17 × 9 × 11 inch7 Pound2304.9

Check Price

200 Piece Potable First Aid Blanket from RFX+CARE5.1 × 11.46 × 7.5 inch1.15 Pound2005

Check Price

Waterproof 0.7 First Aid Kit from Adventure Medical Kits7.5 × 10 × 2 inch8 Ounces604.9

Check Price

All Purpose 27 Kit First Aid Tin from Coleman0.9×2.5 ×3.9 inch2.56 Ounces275

Check Price

  • Why you need the Best First Aid Kit for Camping?

Like the old days, having the first aid kit in the house is not for the social status. Recent days, it has already proved its usefulness in both indoor and outdoor activities. You can’t think camping or hiking without the best first aid kit for backpacking.

Using the first aid properly is vital to limit the impact of damage or injury. You can prevent severe damage by applying the first aid soon after the injury. Therefore, it is always good to carry a first aid kit in the travel backpack.

The Determinants in the Best Backpacking Tent Under 100

During time of Need

➠ You can’t predict when the accident happen. No one knows how the accidental injuries come and how much it can damage.

➠ Having a first aid box in the emergency has two impacts. The kit is very useful to limit the injuries. Quick primary treatment can protect you from future severe damage. On the other hand, if you have the best first kit, you can calm yourself and have peace in mind to take the correct decision.


➠ The storing place should be very convenient in your rucksack, car or home. In an emergency, you don’t have much time to concentrate. Therefore, the storing must be in a convenient space to ensure your hassle-free access.

➠ In fact, best first aid kit for camping is a great box to fulfill your demand for accidental injuries.


➠ It is a box or rucksack which carrying gears, that has medical value. Rather keeping the elements in several locations, you can put them in a specific location.

➠ You don’t have to look here and there to get the medical gears. It will save your effort and keep you cool in an emergency.

➠ You will not find yourself in such a situation where you need help but there is no one to help you out.

Common Accident and First Aid Tip

Accidents are sudden. You can limit them but can’t stop by doing things. But, mostly the accident happens in outdoor activities due to lack of appropriate precaution. Therefore, it is vital to carry some essential gears that can help you in the emergency.

We’ve tried to figure out common event, people observe in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etc.

Insects bite

➠ If you love adventure and want to spend leisure in wild, wood or backcountry camping, hiking or trekking, insect sting is the commonest event with you.

➠ Often the stings are painless but the venom can cause severe infection to fetal hypersensitivity if you leave them untreated.

➠ Some sting is hard and few are soft. You can use a tweezer to pull out the hard ones.

➠ You can use cold water or alcohol wipes over the wound to leave a soothing effect. It’s particularly important for bees’ bites.

Septic By Glass

➠ You’ve to clean the glass or splinter affected area with water and septic soap.

➠ If there is some splinter left in the wound, use a tweezer to drag out those quickly. Wipe the affected area vigorously with the alcohol pad.

➠ Sometimes, you may found some small pieces of splinter left in the wound. You should keep patience. Often the pieces come out naturally within a day.

➠ However, if the residues don’t come out automatically, you’ve to visit a doctor soon.

Nose Bleeding

➠ Nose bleeding is a common event if you pass your time under the sun for a couple of days or your body deprives of water.

➠ If the nose bleeding starts without a strong reason like hit, or accident, you should put the head upright for few minutes and the bleeding will stop.

➠ You can also take clean water flushing in your nose for few times. This flushing is particularly helpful if your bleeding is due to lack of water in your body or you’ve spent a couple of days under the sun without taking plenty of water.

➠ However, if your bleeding is due to accident, you will use water (preferably ice) in the ice bag and gently put it on your nose. Your head must be in the upright position.

➠ If the bleeding doesn’t stop or need more time to stop, try to contact immediately with a healthcare professional.


➠ It’s an event where you might become a bit afraid. But, your fear will not bring result. Therefore, stay calm and do the recommended things.

➠ You need cool water to relax. You should dab a soft and clean towel or clothes into the cool water and gently press the wet part on the burnished area.

➠ You should continue the dabbing on the burnished area until the pain disappears. ➠ After that, you can apply an emollient cream over the burnished area. If you don’t have any cream instantly, you can put egg white at the place.

➠ If blister appears, you can wrap it with a soft bandage. But, if the blister doesn’t appear, you can keep it open and apply the emollient cream 3-4 hourly.

Cut/ Abrade

➠ You should act quickly without any delay because often vein cut stop slowly and can drain out much blood.

➠ You have to put a clean cloth over the affected area and tie it around firmly. This firm tie can stop blood within 5-10 minutes. ➠ After the stop the bleeding, you’ve to use tepid water to clean the wound. Gently wipe by a clean cloth socking with water for 2-4 times. But, if the skin damage is severe, you can use an emollient antibacterial ointment over it after gentle wiping.

➠ These actions are enough for small cut but for severe you’ve to go for a healthcare professional.

Items for the Best First Aid Kit for Camping

Camping first aid kit checklist must contain the essential elements that can support you from the most common accidents that happen frequently. Amount of elements for the best first aid kit for camping and for the home can vary but the elements must be the same.

You should prepare the item list based on your probable necessity, not for your amazement or monotony. You must carry it in your backpack or car. It is also suitable for the office or home. The best first aid kit for survival can save you from fatal events and improves the life quality.

You can customize the kit box for your own or pick from a vendors design. The quality and quantity vary from one vendor to others. To save yourself and family, you should know about the first aid recommendation by the Red Cross Society-


The Red Cross recommendation is for the office and home. You can customize the elements while going for any outdoor activity.

Uses of the Items of the Best First Aid Kit for Camping

Various items of your first aid kits have various use. You’ve to fix your requirements to select the essential tools in your outdoor first aid kit. Therefore, you’ve to know the uses of the elements.


➠ You’ve to prevent the heat loss during from a burning part of the body. So, the blanket comes first to prevent the heat loss.

➠ Blankets are covers to retain heat, which contains polyester, nylon, etc., or synthetic, natural and semi-synthetic wool.

➠ Moreover, covering yourself in a blanket is important to support you in trauma or injury.

➠ Blankets are not handy always to fit in the small hiking backpack.

Sanitizer➠ Sanitizer is antiseptic solutions that can save you from much infectious disease.
➠ If you go for a couple of days camping, possibly you don’t get access to soap and water to clean your hand after using the restroom. You can use the sanitizer to protect yourself from various diseases. You’ve to put some sanitizer on your hand and rub it vigorously to get a perfect sanitization.

➠ It’s common to have a cold and flu if you live in a family tent.

➠ You need to determine the temperature properly to take medication or call your physician.

➠ The mercury thermometers are effective to determine the temperature. However, you should take a plastic one instead of glass to prevent the breakdown.


➠ It is like a fork. It has metal or plastic in construction.

➠ Tweezer is particularly useful to remove splinter or sting from a burnished area.

➠ You can find rarely one first aid kit that doesn’t have a tweezer.


➠ It’s a rubber hand closure to restrict your hands’ exposure in the wound, bite or infected area.

➠ The human body is a major source of the organism. If it comes barely to any affected body part it may cause infection. Wearing latex gloves can restrict the spread of infection.


➠ Wipes are like small pieces of tissues wet in alcohol. It’s very handy and available in super shop, online or pharmacy.

➠ Alcohol wipes are very cheap and disposable.

➠ You can use it to limit sepsis and infection. You can also use it to clean the wound area before applying any medication.


➠ In camping, it is often useful to take emollient, soothing, corticosteroids, antiseptic and/or antibiotic lotions.

➠ Lotions can be effective in insect bites, cut, sepsis, burn, etc.

➠ Lotion is a topical low-density preparation.It has multiple uses as medicament.

Breathing Barrier

➠ Commonly people have asthma or bronchitis involves in a situation where they need CPR. Even healthy people can have CPR in hiking in mountain due to high altitude or lack of oxygen supply.

➠ Breathing barrier is particularly useful in situations where you need CPR.

➠ Breathing barriers are specially designed masks to support CPR.

➠ In recent days, the breathing barriers are cheap and disposable.

Cold Compress

➠ Cold compress is particularly useful in insects bite. It reduces swelling caused by insect venom. It also reduces the pain.

➠ Cold compress is like a pouch type gears. You can put ice or water inside and press the gear on the wound surface.


Things to Consider before Picking the Best First Aid Kit for Camping


➠ The kits must comply with the OSHA, US FDA or ANSI regulations. The companies, those are following the regulation ensure the quality of the elements in the kit box.

➠ High-quality products can ensure your safety in the emergency situation.


➠ If you need the best first aid kit for camping, it must be handy and suitably fit in your backpack. But if you go with a group, you can take a heavier kit box.

➠ The prime target is to put pick the kits of high quality. You may find some lightweight or Ultralight first aid kit for carrying them easier.


➠ We’ve already discussed the materials and their uses. You can customize the Red Cross suggested elements while going for outdoor activity.

➠ You should carry at least a few of the recommended things everywhere. These elements include bandage, lotions, wipes, tweezer, breathing barrier, sanitizer, cold compress, etc.

Use of Kit

➠ Often people don’t use any first aid kit for years because they don’t know how to use the first aid kit.

➠ You can take a small training session to use the first aid kits appropriately. You can also do some YouTube search to know the way of use.

➠ However, most of the box contains user manual. If you read them carefully, you can save the money of training.


➠ Your tour plan is the key element to select the first aid kit. If you have the plan to setup a camp after hiking, you need an Ultralight backpacking first aid kit.

➠ If you set up a base camp, hike every day and return to the base camp after hiking, you can carry a large first aid box. People often carry a large sack and a small one. The large box contains many essential things and it remains in the base camp. The small one contains few things and always travels with you.

Top Five Best First Aid Kit for Camping

After spending a hundred hour, our expert hikers prepare a list of top five outdoor first aid kits. While preparing the list our experts have considered the material, uses, effectiveness and carry ability of the kit box. We also consider possible accidents.

1. All Purpose 27 Kit First Aid Tin from Coleman

Key Features of the All Purpose 27 Kit from Coleman

  • Ultralightweight Coleman tin contains 27 first aid tools, which are very common.
  • Aluminum brushed tin is in the construction of the hinge open box.
  • The tin is crush-resistant and can protect the kits from extreme conditions.
  • Coleman is famous for its craftsmanship. The size of the All Purpose kit is small but packed full with essential gears.
  • You can carry it anywhere and is suitable for camping.
  • All purpose 27 Kit quick information
  • Product Info:

=> Product weight 2.56Ounces

=> Size: 0.9×2.5 ×3.9 inch

=> Color: Silver

=> Available in single size


  • Ultralight weight and very handy
  • Small and easy to fit everywhere
  • Essential and common elements
  • Crushproof shell made by aluminum brushed tin


  • Small space to carry more element
  • Not waterproof
  • Verdict

If you’re searching for anUltralight first aid kit, which you can carry everywhere, the All Purpose Coleman is a perfect product.

2. Ultra lightweight and Waterproof 0.7 First Aid Kit from Adventure Medical Kits

Do you need an intact first aid kit in every season regardless of the rain and cold winter? 0.7 first aid kit can be perfect for meeting your demand.

This pack has 60 essential elements, which can secure an emergency. The silicon layered nylon bag is waterproof. Water sealed zipper also prevent water leaking inside. Therefore, you will find the kits dry and safe.

Key Features of the Waterproof 0.7 First Aid from Adventure Medical Kits

  • Waterproof 0.7 Kit contains 60 first aid items, which are common and effective.
  • The bag has dual waterproofing system. It uses DryFlex inner lining and outer silicon layered seam-sealed nylon.
  • The high-quality zipper is water resistant. The kit bag can support 2 persons completely for 4 days.
  • Adventure Medical Kit is careful about the material quality and the kit selection. The size of the bag is bit larger but have sufficient space to carry many essential elements.
  • The first aid kit is suitable for adventure trip in extreme condition.
  • Waterproof 0.7 First Aid Kit quick information-

=> Product weight 8 Ounces

=> Size: 7.5×10×2 inch

=> Color: Yellow and Blue Combination

=> Available in five size


  • Ultra lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for carrying in backpack
  • Essential and common elements
  • Essential Medicines
  • Waterproof double layer cover and high-quality zipper


  • Bit larger in size

  • Verdict

If you’re going for a kayak or racing in the trail, this first aid kit should be the essential gear of your backpack.

3. Durable Waterproof Lightweight 200 Piece Potable First Aid Blanket from RFX+CARE

If you need a full set of major first aid gears, the portable blanket from RFX+CARE might be the right option for you. The 200 items kit contains every single element you need in your hiking, camping, fishing, surfing, etc.

PVC out layer and polyester inner lining is durable and waterproof. The organized design ensures separate keeping and quick access to your gears. Moreover, the first aid kit elements comply with the European and US regulations.

Key Features of the 200 Piece Potable First Aid Blanket from RFX+CARE

  • Ultralight weight RFX+CAREBlanket contains 200 first aid tools, which are effective and useful.
  • Latex free, environment friendly PVC outer lining and polyester inner lining makes the 200 items pack waterproof and durable.
  • The inner side of this Potable blanket has ergonomic design to ensure quick and easy access to your essential gears.
  • All the items selected in this blanket comply with FDA, MHRA, OSHA, and other regulations. RFX+CARE is careful about the material quality and the kit selection. The size of the bag is larger but has sufficient space to carry many essential elements.
  • The first aid kit is suitable for adventure trip in extreme condition like sea fishing, water surfing.
  • Polyguard fabric makes the tent durable for many season
  • Potable First Aid Blanket quick information:-

    Product Info
    => Product weight 1.15 Pound
    => Size: 5.1×11.46×7.5 inch
    => Color: Black
    => Available in single size


  • Ultralight weight and very handy
  • Small and easy to fit everywhere
  • Essential and common elements
  • Dual lining (PVC Outer and Polyester Inner)
  • US FDA and MHRA Compliance elements
  • Environmental friendly latex free shell


  • Large in size

  • Bit heavier
  • Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-level regulatory compliance material in your kit box, the RFX+CARE blanket might be your true companion.

4. Small Quick Responder Trauma EMT EMS Bag from Lightning X Product

If you want to be an emergency medical technician for your camp or hiking group, the small quick responder is a good choice. The bag contains so many essential kits that can support an office or school.

You can carry the first aid kit as a travel backpack. The padded adjustable shoulder strap can ensure a comfortable carrying of the essential elements. The reflective strap ensures visibility in the dark.

Key Features of the Quick Responder Trauma EMT EMS Bag

  • It’s a large bag, which can accommodate all the essential gears. You can also keep it in your backpack or car.
  • You will find an adjustable padded strap along with the reflective paper. It will help you with easy carrying
  • The quick responder uses the embroidered logo in the shell. The main compartment has padding, which ensures safe accommodation of your elements.
  • Light X has been in the industry since 2000 and renowned for its craftsmanship. The size of the All Purpose kit is large and contains advanced elements.
  • You can carry it anywhere and is suitable for camping, hiking, and any other activity.
  • Product Info

    => Product weight 7Pound
    => Size: 17×9×11 inch
    => Color: 6 Different Color
    => Available in single size


  • Ultralight weight and very handy
  • Possible to use as backpack
  • Padded adjustable and reflective strap for easy and comfortable carrying
  • Possible to carry in backpack
  • Able to support a school or office
  • Many essential, common and advanced items


  • Heavier in weight
  • Not waterproof
  • Verdict

If you need the best first aid kit for outdoor activity with advanced and essential elements, the Light X Small Quick Responder can be an excellent option for you.

5. Compacted Emergency Bonus Mini with First Aid Kitfrom Swiss Safe

If you need a first aid kit, which can make you, self-confident about security in the emergency, the FDA approved bag from Swiss Safe can be the trustworthy partner. You can find an upgrade of the kit box in 2019. You will get a mini kit in the upgraded version.

Key Features of the Mini with First Aid Kit from Swiss Safe

  • Lightweight Swiss Safe contains 120 first aid tools. The bonus contains kit 32 essential elements.
  • The multipurpose bag is suitable for many days hiking, camping, trekking, etc.
  • You can use it as an emergency medical kit. You will also get a handy guide to use the advanced kits properly.
  • The hard cloth board design is suitable for carrying in the backpack. It can protect the inner kits after rolling.
  • Swiss safe is renowned for its craftsmanship.
  • You can carry it anywhere and is suitable for multipurpose outdoor activity.
  • Mini with First Aid Kit quick information

    Product Info
    => Product weight 1.1 Pound
    => Size: 9×3×6 inch
    => Color: Red
    => Available in single size


  • Lightweight and handy
  • Easy to fit everywhere
  • Essential, common and advanced elements 
  • Roll proof shell made by clothes


  • Large in size
  • Not waterproof
  • Verdict

If you like to get a large and a small kit at the same price, the Swiss Safe can be the right choice for you.


You’ve already gained a lot of experience about the best first aid kit for camping. You know the features and other important parts of the kit. All of the kits provide great support to for your outdoor activity within the budget.

Therefore, it’s difficult for you to make the right choice. We’ve made the list of top five first aid kit box in the market to help your decision. We’ve completed the list after thorough research.

It’s difficult for us also to declare a single product for the best crown. If you need a mixture of advanced and common items, 200 Piece Portable First Aid Blanket from RFX+CARE will be the perfect piece.

However, if you need a pocket carrying element, All Purpose 27 Kit First Aid Tin from Coleman will be the right one.

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