Cold Weather Hiking Tips: Best Tips of 2019

Winter has already grasped everything. You’ve two options left. Put your leg in the winter hiking boots or stay lazy in front of the television. 

A complete guide of cold weather hiking tipsmay help you to enjoy the winter.

It can’t be true that only temperature change, snowing outside and falling leaves restrict your enjoyment. Good preparation for walking clothes for winter can return you the enjoyable moments in the freezing winter.

But for making yourself prepare completely, you should gather some useful ideas to apply in an emergency. You must be careful about the following events.

  • Cold weather Outfit
  • Hydration and Food stuff

1. Tips to select Cold Winter Outfit

Cold weather hiking tips about the outfit are essential to select the best winter outfit.

Protection Outer Body Parts✔ If your skin has no protection for the freezing temperature, you can have frostbite. So, you should take measures to protect your nose, ears, face, hands, feet, etc.
✔ You can wear woolen gloves under the water-resistant shell gloves. It’s a good idea to keep spare woolen globes in your cheap hiking backpack. It can support you while the first pair becomes wet.
✔ Synthetic or woolen shocks can be a great choice to warm your fit. Often the thick shocks allow proper insulation. But, you’ve to aware of its fitting in your winter hiking boot. Very tight fitting can reduce the breathing of your toe and impact blood circulation.
✔ If you’re hiking in snow, you should take the waterproof hiking boot. It allows built-in insulation for your toe.
✔ Face mask or gaiter can be useful in protecting the nose and neck. The headband is beneficial for covering the ears. Gaiter can also be valuable in protecting the ears.
✔ Hand and toe warmer can be useful if you’re vulnerable to cold finger.
Outfits having level✔ The floppy and woolen outfits are not suitable for hiking near 32°F or less.
✔ Taking three layer outfit can be beneficial. The base or inner layer absorbs the sweat or moisture. The mid layer insulates your body temperature. Finally, the outer shell protects you from the moisture or wind.
✔ Layer dress can keep you warm and dry. It reduces the burden to stop yourself in hiking for changing the dress. It protects you from hypothermia.
✔ You should be careful in choosing the material of your outfit. It is better to avoid the cotton as the material takes much time to dry completely. Instead, you should prefer synthetic fiber which needs a few minutes to dry out.
✔ The tight outfit can lower the blood circulation and prone you to frostbite.
Cap✔ Tryingcap can be adequate to keep you warm in winter as you can lose an extra amount of heat from your head.
Eye Protection✔ For defending your eyes from sun and freezing wind, it’s necessary to bring googles in a winter hiking.
Carry light source✔ Often you can’t stop your hiking in the middle because of the lack of light. You should prepare yourself to hike in the dark.
✔ In winter, you’ll get less daylight to hike. This event is particularly true if you’re from northern US. It’s also true for northern Spain and Germany.
✔ You should be aware of the available daylight and pack a headlamp in your hiking backpack with a fresh pair of the battery.
Prevent charge loss✔ It’s very vital to protect the battery of your essential gears like GPS device, Mobile, Headlamp, etc.
✔ No battery type can retain charge in the cold winter. Therefore, you should keep it warm and dry to protect the performance and run your essential devices. If you keep them inside the backpacking sleeping bag pocket, it may run long due to having your body warmth.
Use Sun protection✔ Using sunscreen in the snow can be useful in protecting you in the winter. Snowing doesn’t mean, you’re safe sunburn.
✔ You must use a suitable sunscreen on your nose, ears or face to provide a safeguard from the sun.
Bring a First Aid✔ Having a hiking first aid kit can be a great option to protect in the cold winter. It’s particularly true for hikers who stay outside at night in the backcountry or wood.

2. Cold Weather Hiking Tips for Hydration and Food

Do you know the best heat source for you? It’s your body metabolism that supplies sufficient heat for you. Therefore, it’s very crucial to select the right food and hydration in the winter hiking.

Don’t Be Lazy in Eat and Drink✔ In a cold winter, your body has reduced demand for food and liquid. But, you shouldn’t be lazy in taking food or drinks. Don’t worry about taking a heavy meal. Drink and eat handy foods in a regular interval.
Protect your food
from freezing
✔ You will surely hate to eat hard energy bars. Candy, nut or chocolate bar, etc. can become hard to chew in the temperature 32°F or less.
✔ Whatever you select for a quick energy source, keep it close to your body to keep them warm.
Protect the Hydration
Tube from Freezing
✔ If the tube block with ice, you will not get away to drink anything with it.
✔ Often hikers by some specific tubes for hydration which have insulation system.
✔ The specially designed tubes are good for keeping the tube suitable for sipping. However, they can charge more from you.
✔ But the irregular hikers often follow a technique to protect the tube from freezing. The hikers often take small sips and blow the drinks back to the pot.
Take Hot Drinks✔ Carry hot tea or coffee in an insulated jar and take them in breaks. It allows comfort for a longtime.
Bring Handy Foods✔ Stopping in winter hiking needs excessive energy. Therefore, it’s better to bring handy food with you and eat them without stopping.
✔ Don’t bring food that needs much time to eat. Because it makes your muscle stiff and needsenough time to warm it out again.

Cold Weather Hiking Tips for Hypothermia

Do you know the best heat source for you? It’s your body metabolism that supplies sufficient heat for you. Therefore, it’s very crucial to select the right food and hydration in the winter hiking.

Cold weather hiking tips 1

Remove or care about the reason to save yourself from hypothermia.

Enjoying yourself in the freezing winter is a great way to retreat your soul. Some careful steps and following the cold weather hiking tips can be helpful for you to enjoy yourself to an ultimate level.

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