How To Clean Hiking Boots – Keep Your Foot Ware Alive for Years

For the adventure trekking or hiking, the hiking boot is the correct option. It’s very embarrassing if your favorite hiking shoe collapse after few uses. Mud and dust can destroy its look and comfort.

Only proper care can keep your favorite shoe walk for you for several years. Therefore, you must learn how to clean hiking boots.

Before dumping your muddy boot, you should make a deep clean. This cleaning can re-energize your favorite boots life.


However, regular cleaning is essential to improve the life span of the hiking boots. Spend small time on cleaning boots can be a powerful technique to save your money.


Why It’s Important to Clean the Hiking Boots?


If you pull out a new pair of boots, you’ll find fresh footwear which doesn’t need any care. If you don’t take it outside, it doesn’t warrant cleaning.

Once you bring it to your hiking, you wear it in water, mud, dust, sand and many other places. The significant part of the tour towards nature attaches mud, dust, and other garbage on the boot.

Each new tour causes new experiences and new dirt in your boots. If you leave any of the dirt without attending, the shoes will expose to damage.

Therefore, you should spend some time to clean the boots after returning from the hiking. This cleaning will surely increase the usability of the footwear.


How to clean hiking boots – Simple way to get everything done

Cleaning of the boot is not a rocket science. You need the patience to complete the task step by step.


Cleaning and Washing

Experts always recommend a quick clean to your favorite boots after every outing or ramping. Clean the soul by slightly dragging on grass or puddle. You can use a mattress in front of the door.
After cleaning the soul thoroughly, rinse it in normal water. Don’t submerge the boots under the water, as it may destroy the performance.
However, for a deep clean you should read the cleaning instruction carefully. You may have to submerge the boot in normal water.



Boot Brush

You can use the brush in both thorough and deep cleaning. You can use a hard brush to clean thoroughly to the sole and other outer parts to remove dirt and hard soil.
For a deep clean, you’ve to remove the lace and belt before using the brush. Then you have to rub a soft bristle brush dipping in water everywhere of the shoe. You can use a light detergent solution for brushing.
After brushing, you should dip it in normal water to remove the loose mud and detergent.



To ensure a long life, you should dry the footwear naturally. Using a heating system can damage the shell and sole of the boot. It may reduce the comfort of the best waterproofing for hiking boots.
Using newspaper inside can be a great solution to sock moisture from the boot. You can change the newspaper repeatedly to ensure faster drying. You can also press the soft and dry clothes to sock moisture from the outer surface.
If the tongue is removable, don’t hesitate to remove it for drying. It ensures faster drying of the boot.


Waterproofing and Conditioning

After complete drying, you should consider the boot water resistance and weather conditioning. Applying the waterproofing ingredient is essential to restore the complete water resistance.
But the conditioning agent is essential for increase the sustainability of the leather footwear. The conditioner reduces the moisture penetration inside the surface layer.
It also improves the breathability. As a result, it improves the leather shoes longevity with original comfort.


Additional Deep Cleaning

Whether you use the boot repeatedly or very less, you should consider cleaning the boot deeply after a certain interval.
Deposition of sweat damages the leather and reduces the breathability of the waterproof layer. For the deep cleaning use warm or normal water and put the boot inside.
Leave the boot overnight. After that, dry the boot naturally or following the drying steps. There is no special consideration for men or women hiking boots.


How to clean hiking boots when in a hike?

You may go out on camping or hiking for weeks where there limit of water. Experts recommend using boot brush or clothes for a few minutes every day to clean mud and dust.
If you found a water source nearby, you can walk or wet the boot slightly. After removal of the loose dirt, you can wipe the shell with a dry cloth.
Small lake or rivers are a good source of water in hiking. Therefore, you can use it as a good cleaning method.
However, if you chose GORE-TEX weather and waterproof boot, you will get an additional advantage. You should invest small time to clean it before entering into the sleeping bag. You should clean the boots completely after each adventure trip without damaging the quality of the footwear.


How can you Care the footwear?

If you purchase good quality boots spending a lot, proper washing and cleaning the hiking boots are important to maintain the quality of the footwear.
Cleaning and washing improve the breathability and waterproofing. However, you’ve to be careful in using the boot while in the outing to increase the life.
If you use a GORE-TEX boot, you don’t have to think much as it remains same over time. But it’s not multipurpose footwear.
If the outer layer has small damage, it will deteriorate easily within a few days. The mud and dirt take a permanent position on the surface, which you can’t remove easily.
Rigorous cleaning can also become the cause of damage. Therefore, it is always effective to follow the cleaning and caring instruction.


How can you Care the footwear?

  • Avoid unnecessary damage
  • Don’t wet the leather boots totally
  • Carefully read the cleaning instruction before using detergent
  • Avoid extra length or tight footwear
  • Invest time before purchasing the boots
  • Keep sometimes in the hiking to clean the boots
  • Don’t let the mud or dirt staged on the boot 

Final Thoughts

Investing a small time can be a perfect solution to extend the life of your favorite boots. You should spend a small time after returning your family tent.

Proper cleaning and care can save your money from re-purchase and enhances the usability of the hiking boots.

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