Sleeping Bag Care- The Ultimate Care Guide For Your Favorite Bag

Have you spent really a lot on the camping gear? We know today the sleeping bag price goes to sky especially the 4 season bags. Do you know a proper sleeping bag care allows you to use this for years? 

For the experience, we found synthetic sleeping bag lifespan is longer than woolen and natural fabrics. Your little time and carefulness can save the bucks.

If you invest a lot to purchase a high-class sleeping bag, you should retain it, high class. Therefore, a perfect sleeping bag care is important to keep your bag in good condition.

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Washing – A great way to sleeping bag care

The most vital part of keeping the sleeping bag for years are washing. You can find two different types of washing instruction for the sleeping bag. One is machine washable and other is hand washable.

Machine Washable

Today you will find most of the lightweight sleeping bags come with machine washing compatibility. Most of these bags have careful making in the zipper, chain, and other vulnerable parts.

Follow the instruction of the sleeping bag about the cycle, instruction of temperature and suitability of detergent.

Generally, the recommended washing cycle temperature is 0-30C. Use a mild detergent or down cleaner to wash the sleeping bag gently.

Hand Washable

There is some washing machine which is not washable by machine. You should wash it manually. You can do the manual wash in two ways.

Simply, you can get a piece of clothes and wipe it over the bag shell. Then use a damp cloth soak with the detergent solution and wipe over. Again wipe with wet clothes to remove detergent.

The other way could be a regular method of cloth washing manually.

  • Fill your bucket up to 2 liter warm water and mix the detergent carefully.
  • After the detergent dissolves completely, dip the sleeping bag in the solution completely.
  • Leave the bag inside the detergent for 2 hours or more depending on the dirt.
  • Drain out the dirty water and dip in plenty of fresh water.
  • Gently rub the bag with hand.
  • Finally, press to remove the water up to the maximum possible quantity.
  • However, you should be careful while rubbing or pressing the sleeping bag.


Dry- Another Vital Area for Securing the Bag

You can dry the washed sleeping bag in two different ways. You can use a tumble dryer for the machine washable bags. Complete the drying in the machine at a low-temperature cycle.
Moreover, you can put the washed bag on the hanger and keep it on your lawn in a shaded location. You’ve to wait for a few days to complete drying.
You shouldn’t keep the wet bag directly under the sun. It may cause critical damage of color of your pretty bag.

Ultimate Sleeping Bag Care during Camping

The sleeping bag can be a synthetic one with bar tacking in the weak areas, it’s wise to use it carefully and keep it clean.
Your careful handling in camp can retain it in the original quality of the bag for years. It will not only save your pocket but also keep your trustworthy partner with you for years.

Careful in Using Liner

Sleeping bag liner is a great additional part for the bag. Often the bags have silk, nylon or cotton liner. It makes a first line barrier between the chain and your skin or inner shell.

It also allows 5-15 degree F additional protection to your bag. Therefore, carefully use the liner and wash completely after each camp.


Get in the Bag wearing clean clothes

Well washed clothes can add a charm in you after a hectic day. After the day hiking often you may want to crawl inside the bag.
If you do so, you put plenty of dirt inside the bag which is difficult to clean. Moreover, you can have an allergic attach to the dust.

Therefore, wear the clean undergarments before jumping inside the bag. You can also use a clean sleeping suit.


Save it from ground

If you plan to sleep under the burning star, you’ve to create support on the ground before putting the sleeping bag.
Many of the recent sleeping bags have strong support at the lower part. However, making the bag durable, you’ve to ensure the support over the ground.

Careful in dragging zipper 

People make a common mistake while dragging the two-way zipper. Sometimes it comes towards the toe while in sleep.
Therefore, people use additional force to fix the issue where it’s a common phenomenon. The frustrating move often becomes the reason for tearing the fabrics.


Puff out the air from the bag

Nowadays, the sleeping bag comes with an easy compression system to remove air completely from the bag.
But if your bag doesn’t have the compression system, you’ve to remove the air compressing the bag with your hands and pack it inside the sack.

Sleeping Bag Storing Ideas

Storing conditions is important to ensure a long life to your sleeping bag. After returning from the camping, give some time to take proper care to your camping gears to increase their usability.
Remove air from the bag and ensure its dryness. Now store it in the original cotton rucksack. You can also purchase it separately or can use a large pillowcase.
Keeping the sleeping bag in a tight and waterproof sack can damage the insulation quality of the bag.

Do’s and Don’ts of the Sleeping Bag:

✔ Use cool to normal water for washing the bag✘ Don’t use the dry cleaning technique unless recommended.
✔ Read the washing instruction carefully before selecting the detergent and washing mode✘ Be careful in using the bleach, fabric softener or other equivalent materials
✔ Only use the side loading machine without agitator for washing✘ Don’t wash the sleeping bag in a washing machine having agitator.

Final Thought

A good sleeping bag can last long and serve you for many years. Therefore, your small care can make your next trip comfortable and hassle-free because you know the level of comfort of the sleeping bag.

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